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Light and Warmth for Christmas

Light in the darkness and warmth in the cold – FCTrelief in action! We would like to share the gratitude of the many people we helped.

Light in the darkness and warmth in the cold – FCTrelief in action! We would like to share the gratitude of the many people we helped and thank you all warmly for your support. Gordon Merk summarises.

Light in the Darkness

In Zambia we gifted our children with lovely solar lamps. In Zambia, twilight is short and nights last a constant twelve hours. The joy was great; the practical value priceless! Due to the electricity shortage in Zambia such solar lamps are very practical gifts, related also to the security of the children.

The special meal on the last day at our base was a real treat for the pupils. We could finish a successful year on a happy note, and we are looking forward to the coming year! Many thanks for your support – let us continue to help in practical and relevant ways and make a real difference in the lives of precious people.

Warmth in the Cold

The fire wood deliveries were yet again life-changing for those we could help. In southern Bulgaria, the temperatures in the winter months are often well below freezing. Due to the high prices, we couldn’t deliver as much as last year, but with each load, we hit the mark. We were able to help those who otherwise would have had to make it through the cold winter without fire wood.

The warmth that we helped people with not only heated their homes, but also their hearts! Radi and Diana rejoiced with us, giving us a better price for this noble venture. This truly helped us. Several households have changed over to air conditioning as wood burners require a lot of work often too difficult for elderly people. There, too, we were able to help with donations.

340 Bags with Food Products

After making the members of the Disability Association in Bratsigovo rejoice with a small gift at the International Day for People with Disabilities (3.12.2022), our Christmas mission with food distribution was met with great gratitude. We were able to give away 340 bags with nine different products each. The elderly and disabled were very touched and grateful!

Gordon Merk as FCTrelief representative in Bulgaria was ‘guest of honour’ at the Christmas celebrations. It was a big joy and the people are sending their warmest greetings of gratitude and blessing to all sponsors!

Pizza Party!

The Pizza Party at the home for the disabled in Pazardzhik, called “Faith and Love,” was awesome. Other organisations donated presents; we the pizzas! The staff was delighted and remains grateful for the good and consistent partnership with us.

Thank You!

With this FCTrelief would like to thank all of you – your generosity has yet again made a huge difference and moved grateful hearts!

You may continue to support our Christmas campaign, we’d be very grateful. Scan the QR-Code or click here.


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