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Zambia Foundation

"FCTrelief Zambia Foundation" helps children and young people and invests into their education. Our initiative causes positive changes in people's lives, increases the quality of life and advances future prospects. The youth emerge as role models for others and inspire hope!


Support their education and future! 

FCTrelief Zambia Foundation Ltd. is a foundation in Zambia that works for, supports and invests in disadvantaged people. Our focus is education: We offer a sheltered environment and food - and help with practical emergency aid for those in need. FCTrelief Zambia Foundation supports children and young people in their education. We create "future through education" for valuable people who take this opportunity and want to make something of their lives. Education is one of the most efficient ways out of poverty. This helps both the children and their families, and will also serve the country in the long run.

Our Team

Christine Merk

Chris Merk is FCTrelief's project manager. She loves to understand, encourage and support children and young people. Her heart for all of them is exemplary and inspiring.

Eugene with Mum and Dad.JPG

Eugene (on the right, with Heiner and Chris) manages the work of FCTrelief in Zambia. He is headteacher and manager. He is a competent, responsible man with a big heart.

Team of Teachers

Eugene, Racheal, Peter and Ernest are our teachers. They teach general knowledge, English (language, literature), mathematics, geometry, algebra, and computer skills, as well as biology, chemistry and physics. All four are well qualified and carry a heart for the children and youth.

Together with Racheal, Marian, Eugene's wife, also care for the well-being of the girls, who are often facing big challenges because of their difficult backgrounds.

Our friendly team of cooks provides healthy and rich nourishment. Marian (centre) is our main cook and manager of the kitchen. 

Cooks 3.jpg
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