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who no longer have parents.

  We have a heart for people,  



"A Heart for People"


FCTrelief is helping people in practical and relevant ways in order to improve their quality of life and enable prospects for the future.

We advance education for children and teenagers coming from difficult backgrounds and are helping people in need.

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Fruit tree campaign

Support our fruit tree campaign and help the children of our aid organization to let the farm blossom in new colors. With your donation of just 20 francs, you can plant a fruit tree, from avocado to lemon. In this way, you will help to harvest nutritious fruit and give the children a good start to the morning.

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Healthy meals

Healthy nourishment is vital for good development. We want our pupils in Zambia to be well. This meal is often their only proper one. By feeding our pupils, we are relieving their families.

Future through education
Firewood and Emergency Aid

"Future through education" is our motto in Zambia. We are supporting young people to improve their school performance so that their educational prospects increase, which in turn gives them major advantages to create a better future.

Poor and elderly people in Bulgaria often have to choose between food and heating. Providing fire wood is one of the ways we are helping in practical and relevant ways. Many are in need of medication, yet their pensions are very small. We are helping!


We help people from a heart of love. Our support is practical and relevant to cause a positive change in the quality of life with future prospects.

We create "future through education" by supporting children and young people. We are active in emergency aid through "help for self-help". This is how we convey future and hope.


Changing people's lives positively! Our blog posts show you how our work is influencing people and creates positive changes.

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