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Heart for Bulgaria

Association "Heart for Bulgaria" has been officially active in the poorest country in the EU since 2012. Many projects could be realized and many grateful people were touched and helped. With modest means, this association made a big difference in families, in the lives of children and young people and people in need.


A Heart for People. Heart for Bulgaria serves the disadvantaged and families, creates opportunities for people who want to help themselves and seeks to inspire hope for a better future. We create opportunities and inspire hope - for people who have none.


Our Motto: "Providing Opportunities, inspiring Hope" 


We are helping in practical and relevant ways. We were able to help many people in need and difficulties, and to improve their quality of life.

G Gypsy Village.JPG

Gordon in Bulgaria 2001


Gordon in Bulgaria 2021

Our Team

Gordon Merk

Gordon has been living in Bulgaria for over ten years and was able to accomplish a lot in his region. "Heart for Bulgaria" is helping efficiently and targeted, enjoys a good reputation und is known in the media. 

He has also become an important co-worker in Zambia.

G and Zambian Kids.JPG

Apart from Gordon's children, also other volunteers are happy to help out, especially with aid distributions. Through targeted donations we managed to establish trustworthy relationships.

(picture: with Dr Manev, Hospital Pazardzhik)

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