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Swiss Board of Directors

Heiner and Chris Merk are the directors of the Board in Switzerland. We provide efficient results through competent leadership from all the team.

"A Heart for People"

FCTrelief is helping people in practical and relevant ways in order to improve their quality of life and enable prospects for the future.

We advance education for children and teenagers coming from difficult backgrounds and are helping people in need.

The Board of Directors

Heiner Merk

Heiner Merk ist founder and president of FCTrelief. He is the main visionary and pioneer of both the charity and the farm. As a long-term business man, a world champion in equestrian sports and a rich variety of life experience, he is a genuine example, an impressive inspiration and a true father.

Mum with StudentsJPG.JPG

Chris Merk ist project manager and co-visionary of FCTrelief. Chris grew up in England, but has been living in Switzerland for over 50 years. She has a big heart for people, valuable life experience and became a mother to many young people. 

The Board of Directors is well equipped with an additional three competent members, Pietro Londino, Irene Haltmeier and Chris Bauer.

These are people with a big heart who add much experience and competency to the Board, especially in the area of finance and management. 


Gordon Merk leads "Heart for Bulgaria" Association and supports the charity in Zambia. He manages the social media branch of FCTrelief.

Erich Vracko serves in administrative and financial responsibilities.


Julian and Miriam Fischbacher support the design, website and PR branches. 

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