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We create "future through education" by supporting children and young people; we are economically active, as well as in emergency aid through "help for self-help." This is how we convey future and hope.


FCTrelief also supports people in need in Switzerland, where it is necessary despite prosperity.

With "help for self-help" FCTrelief is involved in the poorest country in the EU via the "Heart for Bulgaria" Association.

FCTrelief's work in Zambia supports children in education, and those in need in their challenges.



An overview of the last 15 years


Our Foundation supports disadvantaged children and young people of school age - currently there are 85 valuable people!

The "Heart for Bulgaria" Association strives for the principle of "helping people to help themselves" and has been able to implement this successfully.


After a successfully completing at FCTrelief, qualified students can make an apprenticeship at the Chikupi Institute. Bricklaying, electrician, tailoring, welding, and agriculture is being offered. We appreciate the good partnership with the Institute and already have some success stories. 

Via "Heart for Bulgaria" Association we were able to deliver electrical hospital beds and other equipment to the hospital in the city of Pazardzhik, as well as renovate the maternity ward and improve over infrastructure. One of the national TV stations made a report about it. We also improve conditions in orphanages.

Spital Paz.JPG

The vision for our farm is to be economically active so that profits can support our foundation, as well as to create places for apprenticeship and work.

"Heart for Bulgaria" donated two electric three-wheelers to active people with disabilities. The life of Poli (picture) was revolutionised by it and it is easier for her to manage her every-day life. We also made mobility for the chairwoman of the association of disabled people in Bratsigovo easier.

Girls Food.jpg

We provide healthy nourishment for our students. This supports their health and development, also intellectually and at school.

Ivalena's family doesn't got an easy lot in life. Over ten years ago this healthy child became sick from a very rare autoimmune disease. We are helping.


We also provide practical support for our students. Be it mattresses, clothes, underwear, shoes, hygiene or school materials, we are helping in practical and relevant ways.

Help for the disabled

In Bulgaria, our project "Granny's Grandchild" provides a personal assistant to children and teenagers with disabilities.


We are supporting our students not only with schooling, but also in sports, music and the arts. We provide a protected environment for their development. 

"Heart for Bulgaria" has established a hairdressing salon in an orphanage where they could learn the profession.

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