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Fruit Tree Campaign in Zambia

We now also want fruit trees to blossom on the farm. We are therefore launching a fruit tree campaign. The idea is for the children of our aid organisation to plant their own tree on the farm.

Part of the vision of our farm in Zambia is to provide our children and young people at the aid organisation with food. In addition to growing vegetables, we now also want to plant fruit trees. This will give us more healthy food for our pupils and allow us to offer more in our breakfast menu. The banana and bread roll for breakfast has proved to be a great success and has improved the health and performance of the pupils.

By planting trees, we are also doing something good for the environment. Planting trees is one of the most important elements of doing something for the climate and the environment. FCTrelief also wants to make its small contribution. With a tree price of 20 Swiss francs, you can help us plant and maintain fruit trees. In doing so, you are supporting our work while doing something good for the environment. Of course, you are free to invest in several trees.


We want to be able to offer a variety of fruit so that we can continue to promote healthy nutrition for our children and young people and thus advance their healthy development. The following fruits grow best in Zambia: avocado, guava, orange, lemon, mango, papaya (‘pawpaw’) and bananas.


With this project, we want to plant trees with our students from the aid organisation, as it is an investment especially for them. They can thus participate in what we are doing for them. A trip to the farm, south of Lusaka, to plant trees will be fun and adventurous for the pupils, as well as educational. The aim is to plant the first trees in October.


Support this campaign from just 20 Swiss francs per tree. Thank you for your valuable support!

Donate now - thank you!


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