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Farewell to Tabea – Welcome to Danny

After ten years of good work, we have thanked Tabea with a farewell party. Racheal‘s husband, Daniel, is new in our Team.

After ten years of good work, we could thank Tabea with a farewell party. Racheal‘s husband, Daniel, is new in our Team. We look back with gratitude and forward with hope.

Tabea: Farewell and New Beginning

Tabea Kusongwa-Zuber worked for FCTrelief in Zambia for the last ten years. In 2011 she first visited Zambia and Mwama Foundation, which we used to support (2011-2014)) and Tabea chose to work there. Three years later we decided to start our own Foundation (NGO) in order to work more efficiently and effectively. During this time, all of us had learned a lot about Zambia and the mentality, and we were ready for a new adventure. The first years of building from scratch were a true pioneering work. Tabea was actively helping us and doing a good job. After the birth of her first child five years ago, Tabea reduced her workload to 50% so she could partly work from home doing mainly administration work. In the meantime, there were many changes and the teachers formed a solid team and cared for our pupils during and even outside schooling and work time. Tabea was responsible for their physical health, especially during the Corona pandemic, and organized the health checks with Dr Winnice. She also took care of certain pupils when they had to visit various clinics.

After over ten years of life in Zambia and having made her home there with her family, she can now apply for Zambian citizenship. Tabea decided it was time for her to leave our team and do something else. At the end of June, we gave a farewell party for her and said ‘good-bye’ with gratitude for her years of service. We wish her all the best for the future.

Daniel: a competent Man

Daniel Chikopela is a qualified ‘Medical Officer.’ He was active in the area of disease prevention through educating people. He accepted our job offer gladly and with respect.

Daniel, or ‘Danny,’ has been married to Racheal, our English teacher, for three years. He is now part of our team in Zambia and has made a good start to his new job. He is responsible for the infrastructure on our plot in Linda and is also a practical handy man. He has a driver’s license, which is important and a support to Eugene. Eugene and Danny are sharing administrative tasks, and Danny is also responsible for our university students and all other students doing further education. He is supporting Eugene and the teachers regarding the children, has made several home visits and has found his place in the team.

As a trained ‘Medical Officer,’ he brings a lot of experience to our work and is responsible for all health-related issues. In partnership with Dr Winnine and the help of Racheal, Danny will organize and carry out all the health check-ups for our pupils.sere Schüler organisieren und durchführen.

Danny is happy with his new and varied tasks and has a great way to relate to the children and with people in general. Now Zambians make up the whole team in Linda and they work together very well.

The school term is coming to an end on 4th August. We will hold two weeks of workshops, followed by two weeks of well-earned holidays until the next semester starts on 4th September. We are grateful to everyone who is supporting our work and donating towards it. It is worth it—thank you!


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