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The New Year starts with New Challenges

After a successful Christmas Campaign, the new year started with a new challenge: Cholera outbreak.

Although this is usually an annual occurrence during the rainy season, sometimes the consequences are worse. The situation in Zambia is the worst it has been since 1977. There were also cholera outbreaks in the neighbouring countries of Zimbabwe and Malawi. More than 500 people have already died in Zambia and around 13,000 have become sick. The health officials are doing what they can. The national football stadium in the capital Lusaka has been transformed into a temporary cholera treatment centre and health minister Sylvia Masebo has issued restrictions to limit the further spread. In mid-January, Zambia received 1 million cholera vaccines from the World Health Organization.


Cholera is an infectious disease that is transmitted via bacteria (Vibrio cholerae) in, among others, dirty water and food. Hygiene is extremely important and rehydration measures make the sickness treatable. The poor, if at all any sewerage systems in the overcrowded and densely populated compounds are mostly to be blamed for the spread, as well as the lack of proper toilets.  


Schools remain closed until the middle of February and our pupils were not able to come to us for their regular classes. We could, however, continue to provide them with warm meals. Consuming food warm is of special importance in times like these. We immediately took the necessary precautions on our plot. We instructed our pupils about the important hygiene measures and handed out homework in order for us to continue our work despite the restrictions. Our water was treated and we are therefore able to give clean and safe water to our children. We also seek to be an example to others in Linda. Danny’s training as a health officer was crucial and he proved once again to be a great asset to FCTrelief. Our team is doing well and are healthy.

New Pupils!


FCTrelief welcomed 29 new pupils, which was very gratifying. This means that we now have 97 pupils. Anni and Bertha took the measurements in order to sew uniforms for the new pupils. They were also given new shoes. In this way, we provided our almost 100 children with all the necessary things until the schools reopened. 


Good School Grades


Last year’s good exam results from our pupils in grades 7 and 9 are very encouraging. Our work is really helping our pupils to advance academically and we saw once again how important this is. Grace and Maiwase (Grade 9) und Nkantamire (Grade 7) finished with „EXCELLENT“; James (Grade 9) and Misheck, Christopher and Benjamin (Grade 7) with „VERY GOOD“. We are proud of all of our children and delighted with their progress. 

To give children and young people a real chance in life is worthwhile. These vulnerable children, mostly from difficult circumstances, are usually shy and insecure at first, but through our work we not only help them education and health wise, but also boost their self-confidence. They become braver in life and start believing in a future. We seek to provide a holistic support. 


We look forward to the new year and trust that we can continue to help many wonderful young people and give them a vision for the future. Thank you for your precious and generous support—we are helping where it truly matters. It is worth it!



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