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Warm Hearts and Smiling Faces

“Grateful warm hearts and beautiful smiling faces” was the result of our 2023 Christmas Campaign.

We are very grateful for your generous donations and faithful support. Thank you on behalf of the children in Zambia and the elderly in Bulgaria who we were able to help. It made a real difference!





Our pupils in Zambia finished their school year exams with success and we look forward to a good new year that should pave the way into their future. Our students are also doing well and we are happy with their progress.


Each of our children was given a nice gift from all the items donated from Bulgaria and Switzerland this summer and brought to Zambia in October and they were delighted!  For most of them, the only present they will receive.  We also measured all the pupils’ feet early in December, ordered and handed out their new school shoes for 2024. The new pair of shoes was also gratefully received with lovely smiles.


All our staff were given a Christmas bonus as a thank you for their good work in 2023.




We were able to donate over 300 food packages to elderly people and those with disabilities in Bratsigovo, Bulgaria.

So far, we have organised six fire-wood transports, and intend to do a few more. Others received financial support towards their heating bills. At the beginning of the month, we gave away small gifts for the International Day for Persons with Disabilities (3rd December).


At an orphanage in Pazardzhik we donated a new microwave, which was well received by staff and happy children. Other gifts were given to the children with disabilities and to the grateful staff of the “Faith and Love 92” Association.



Thank You!


The warm hearts and smiling faces show that our Christmas Campaign was another great success! Thank you very much for donating to our work and supporting us in helping these vulnerable and dear people and children.  We are very grateful and look forward to a great year ahead in 2024. Let us continue to make a difference.


We wish you a wonderful new year!


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