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Super Mario? Super Dario!

A young fundraiser gathered 1,000 Swiss francs for FCTrelief with creativity and on his own initiative.

Dario is awesome - a nice guy and a top fundraiser. On his own initiative, with a creative idea and lots of effort, he raised 1,000 francs - super Dario! Here is his story.

Dario (17) grew up with Arnold and Helene as a foster child and he is to them like their own child. Currently, he is doing an apprenticeship in logistics. Arnold tells us, that Dario is especially fond of delivering goods with the lorry.

Dario is an active teenager and passionately pursues his hobbies. Dario also has a generous heart. 'Generosity and sharing has been one of Dario's strengths since he was little,' Helene explains, and he loves to 'support disadvantaged people.'

One of his hobbies is to support at 'Pro Schule Ost' (a charity that supports schools in Eastern Europe). He helps out at their central distribution centre. Already in his primary school years, Dario had raised funds for FCTrelief by selling pastries (Swiss "Zopf") and self-made crafts. At the age of 11, Dario discovered making fine fire wood (to light fires) and started enjoying it. Arnold pointed out that Dario was especially touched when he saw the FCTrelief fundraising flyer about 'heating or food.'

The unfortunate reality in Bulgaria is, that poor people have to choose between food and heating. It was then that Dario wanted to do something about it. He made it his aim to sell fine fire wood until he has raised 1,000 Swiss francs. He managed to reach his goal and handed over the money to Gordon, who manages the charity work there. It was a great joy for us all! Dario is a good example and FCTrelief thanks him for his eager efforts. Super Dario!

Other busy Fundraisers

Leoni (12), too, enjoys fundraising and wants to support a good cause. She and her friends made book marks in order to sell them and donate the money to FCTrelief. 120.- Swiss francs - awesome! It is a joy to see how children are active in gathering donations and support our work.

Last year, Erika and Judith set up a charity table to support FCTrelief. These two women sold all sorts of items (see picture below), items donated or made by several different people and friends. They were also able to talk to a lot of people about the work of FCTrelief. They are both sponsors of FCTrelief, yet also busy fundraisers.

Perhaps you have a good idea or have been inspired to do fundraising. Please contact us! A big Thank You to all our sponsors!


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