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Optimistic about the Future

The last few years have been a challenge for our farm, because success has failed to materialise. It is like a thunderstorm that has passed over us. But after every storm, calm returns. This is also the case on the farm in Zambia. Now is the time to look ahead, put disappointments behind us and tackle everything with renewed vigour. We are optimistic about the future!

Benson (left) with Team

We have learnt a lot and the team is newly motivated. Our farm team, led by Benson (pictured), is made up of long-standing, experienced employees. They are delighted that the farm is once again under the management of Heiner. Depending on the season and needs, day labourers and the wives of our employees support us as an additional work force. The two tractors and the refrigerated lorry are invaluable.

The one vision of FCT-Farm is, and remains to be, to produce healthy food, notably fresh vegetables for a healthy diet and good development of the children in Linda. We are raising fish again in three large water tanks. The farm is flourishing. We mainly produce maize, tomatoes, cabbage, onions, soya and butternuts in a three/four-month cycle. The products are sold to private customers and retailers, mostly women, as well as to markets and supermarkets.

The campaign to plant fruit trees has got off to a good start, which is great news. The goal is to plant at least 100 trees, which we would not be able to achieve without additional sponsors. You can become part of this special campaign for as little as 20 francs/euros/dollars.


Overall, we are optimistic about the future with strength and new insights. We look ahead with determination and look forward to working toward healthy food production, supporting children with potential and helping people in need.


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