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Ljubomir doesn’t give up

Ljubomir has not given up hope yet - also thanks to the support of FCTrelief. Gordon Merk reports.

Ljubomir has two sons, one of whom is over twenty and lives independently, the other one is 16 and lives with his father. For years he and his wife had been sick and had to spend a lot of money on medical examinations and medication. Poverty overtook them, and now the worst has happened: the wife died in January, and did so in the hospital. Ljubomir was devastated and lost his sense of living.

I have met with Ljubomir and he shared these things with me. I was speechless. What can you say to such tragedy? Regarding the hopelessness I could simply tell him that his son needs him, and he knows this very well. Despite all the setbacks, he is trying to manage life. He makes ends meet with software installations, yet remains very grateful for the fire wood by FCTrelief in the last years. I was able to encourage him to go on in life, and it gave him some comfort.

A tough reality

The summer was hot; very hot. Presently autumn is rather pleasant, as it has cooled off a lot. Now we anticipate winter and it might be a cold winter. Many people are already worried…

The rising cost of living is a cause of worry for people worldwide. Here in Bulgaria the huge inflation is a big problem. 75% of Bulgarians can’t pay all their bills. Food products have seen a price increase of over 50%, some even higher. The price of fire wood is more than double compared to last year. It is a tough reality, with which many simply must cope.

“Heart for Bulgaria” could already secure fire wood for Ivalena’s family. With that donation our Christmas campaign has in some sense already started. We seek to act before the prices rise even more.

It is touching to see how we are not only able to help in practical and relevant ways materially, but also give comfort and encouragement. People need this. We all need it. At times life really is difficult and unfair, and we ask ourselves, why? Ljubomir, too, asked himself the tough questions of life, for which sometimes there are no answers. A reassuring silence, however, with compassion can help. The personal care that we give with our material help, the attention people receive, means a lot to them. This truly is a rewarding work.

Whom do we help and in what way?

Yet despite touching encounters, we are faced with difficult questions: whom do we help and in what way? With the surge of prices, our buying power has decreased. Yet we still hope to make a positive change in the lives of many people and be a blessing and bring joy. Your support and help is priceless – thank you!


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