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Life goes on…

Last month we reported about the challenges with cholera and the delay in starting schooling, as well as the good results of our pupils. In the meantime, we also have encouraging news regarding our 12th graders and college/Uni students.


School Leavers (Grade 12)


We could successfully send-off 17 pupils from Grade 12, who had received their results. We are proud of them all. Especially Dalitsani Banda, Christopher Tembo and Violet Mondoka had excellent results. Kelvin Kaonga, Mable Mumba and Edward Sinkala also had very good results. Finishing Grade 12 is a milestone in Zambia and an important basis for the future. Unfortunately, only about 30% of Zambian school children achieve that. Hence, our pupils leave FCT with this important certificate to show when they look for work.


Finding work isn’t always easy and we encourage them to choose higher education or vocational training. The step into adult life is very challenging, especially for those who have little or no support from their families. Yet we are amazed how they manage to find a way in life and create a future despite all the obstacles.


As FCTrelief we also serve as a kind of replacement family and it is lovely to hear how grateful they are. Goodson, for example, shared how he would never have made it this far without FCTrelief. Yet now life isn’t easy for him. We also encourage our school leavers to help one another and we seek to support them where we can.



Students and Higher Education


We are also happy to report that Memory Banda, after 3 years’ hardwork has successfully achieved her diploma in the pharma sector. She will, therefore, be FCT’s first pharmacist! A new period in her life has started and we wish her success.


Our three medical students are mastering their demanding courses well.  All of them had good results. Gift is now in his fifth year, Alex in his third and Leonard in his second. It is a challenging educational process, but all of them are giving their best.


Vocational Training Centre Chikupi


We are pleased to report that Gize (brick laying) and Febian (agriculture) successfully completed their year at the vocational training centre Chikupi. Such a practical education helps them find work, earn money and build a future. Neither of them has much support from their families and life isn’t easy. FCTrelief will continue to support them as is possible.




Esnart and Priscilla are continuing their education at Makeni Nursing College. It is a tough yet interesting training, and the girls keep impressing us with their dedication to finish well in order to create a future for themselves. Esnart recently wrote touching words about Heiner und Chris, whom she sees as her parents: «I have never met people with good hearts like them… we love them so so much… we are recognized by others because of them.»



The Future is Possible with Education


The example of these students and how they are mastering their individual courses and way in life has inspired our pupils to work hard and achieve the best possible results. It’s truly worth it! The future is possible with education.


Thank you for your support!




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