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The Fantastic Four

We're grateful for our team of great teachers – we call them the Fantastic Four! Each one is a Superhero and has its own ‘Super Powers.’ Here’s a Portrait.

Eugene – Our Headteacher

Eugene has been with us from the beginning, for about eight years now. He is our headteacher and has shown faithful service, serious commitment and effective competence. With a Bachelor of Education (English Language and Civic Education), as well as a Certificate in early childhood teaching, he is well qualified as teacher, leader and mentor. Eugene is in his late thirties and married to Marian, our head cook. She is responsible for the healthy nourishment we give to our students, another important part of their development. Eugene and Marian have two delightful children. As a family they work as a team to serve the precious young people at FCTrelief Zambia.

Eugene has a heart for the poor and vulnerable children. His motivation to work at FCTrelief is, in his own words, ‘to help eradicate poverty by imparting knowledge to the vulnerable children.’ He wishes to inspire young people to reach and realise their potential. We are grateful for Eugene and his family’s tireless efforts to advance our vision. They have a real heart for these children and are a great asset to our foundation.

Racheal – Our English Teacher

Racheal is Eugene’s sister. She is our English teacher and students’ guidance counsellor. She is well qualified for her work at FCTrelief, holding a Bachelor’s degree in Education (primary education) and a Diploma in Secondary Education (English and R.E.). With her psycho-social counselling Certificate, she supports and advises students as a guidance counsellor. Since joining our team in 2019, she has proven to be a real asset to our work, especially for girls and their health and wellbeing. We previously reported on that.

Two years ago, she got married to Danny, a fine young man and a certified health officer. He serves the community with health and hygiene education and in other ways. They are a lovely, modest couple with a real heart for their country. We are grateful for such people who are a real treasure to those they serve.

Peter – Our Biology, Chemistry and Physics Teacher

Peter Zulu is in his late thirties and teaches the natural sciences, biology, chemistry and physics. He holds a Bachelor of Natural Sciences and his wife is a teacher, too. They have two lovely children and his family reflects the beauty of a young Zambian family.

It’s such a pleasure to have him on the team. He joined us last September and is a teacher ‘with heart and soul’ (as we say in German). Peter is not just competent; he is also committed to the vision at FCTrelief. He wishes, as he says, ‘to be a good teacher, who can make learning fun, interactive and inspire students to complete their educational pursuits regardless of their backgrounds.’ At FCTrelief we promote the importance of education for children to have a chance of a better future. Peter, like the other teachers, is dedicated to make this happen for those we help and educate.

Ernest – Our Mathematics and Computer Sciences Teacher

Finally, our youngest teacher is Ernest Mubanga. He’s in his late twenties and single. He has been with us for two years and has a passion for maths and a heart for young people. His teaching style is friendly and inspiring. He holds a Diploma in Mathematics and Computer Science and teaches these subjects enthusiastically. He’s currently working on his Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science. We appreciate his competence and commitment to the vision and being a role model to the children.

Like the others, Ernest, too, comes from a humble background with modest means of educating himself. Yet, instead of finding an excuse, he found a way to pursue his dreams. His story has touched many hearts and inspired many minds. His wish is to ‘transform lives’ through education.

‘Team Work Makes the Dream Work’

It’s true: ‘Team work makes the Dream work’! We appreciate our dedicated team of teachers who impact and enrich the lives of precious young people who have promising potential. All of our teachers had to fight for their education and therefore understand where our pupils come from. That’s one reason why they have a heart for our children and a passion for our vision.

They are grateful to be part of our work, and we are grateful to have them on our team! Let us continue our important work to make a real difference in the lives of young people so they can pursue a better future! Our Motto: ‘A Future through Education.’ Sometimes, all it takes is to give someone a real chance in life. That’s what we seek to provide at FCTrelief.


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