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Holiday with Dignity for People with Disabilities

Holidays are wonderful— a time to relax and to create beautiful memories. To give that to people with disabilities is something unique. Gordon Merk reports.

The parents’ charity for children and youth with disabilities “Faith and Love 92” has again organized a summer camp. Two years ago, “FCTrelief” via its charity branch “Heart for Bulgaria” supported these holidays financially; and so again this year. They were all very grateful. Gordon Merk visited the camp and was delighted with what he saw—it is a great joy!

The camp’s programme had various activities, from fun in the pool, excursions and hikes, to evening entertainment rich in emotional experience. The 20 precious children and youth enjoyed it and it gave them dignity.

And there was, of course, also time to relax in the facility’s lovely garden. This year the camp took place in the mountain village Yundola, in the Pazardzhik region. The village is surrounded by amazing views, vast forests and fresh mountain air.

The hotel staff were delighted by the youth and their staff, and new friendships were forged.

These holidays provide time to relax also for the staff, although it is part of their working hours. They work in 8-hour shifts, and each one has time to enjoy and recuperate. The staff works with a heart for these children, although their pay is modest.

The director, Gergana, whose son has disabilities, has raised him by herself. At each meeting, mother and son have a smile for me. The staff, too, have a good attitude and execute their work with a heart for these young people. It has always been important for us to do something good for the staff, whenever we supported their events, like Christmas parties, for example. The good, long-term cooperation with Gergana and her team is a great joy.

We would like to thank all the sponsors who made this possible—it was worth it! Thank you.


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