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FCTrelief Christmas Campaign 2023!

Christmas is just around the corner! FCTrelief is active for children, young people and the elderly. You, too, can join and help.

Christmas is a time of giving. Via FCTrelief you can give education and warmth!

Zambia: The Gift of Education

The path out of poverty is education. We help with the principle of "helping people to help themselves": with our support, children and young people from Zambia are given the chance to shape their lives and their future at school and on their way into the world of work. We also feed the children so that they grow up healthy and develop well.

Invest in their education now and give them a future! With just a small donation, you can provide a child with a uniform, food and education.

Grateful and Happy Youth in Zambia

Bulgaria: Light the Fires by Giving Firewood

Winter is cold again this year in Bulgaria, which is why we are giving the gift of warmth. The elderly or people with disabilities often have to choose between heating and food. Give warmth to these people now. With just a small donation, you can help elderly and poor people to warm their living rooms.

Warmth brings Joy and Comfort

Thanks to All of You

We look back with gratitude on everything we have been able to achieve in recent years and thank all our sponsors for their valuable and generous support. It is truly rewarding to be able to help grateful people and make a difference in this world. Let us continue to give people hope and love in our good partnership.

Thank You!

Heiner and Chris Merk with our Pupils in Zambia


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