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Christmas is just around the corner, let us be generous to others!

Thanks to your contribution, FCTrelief could help many children and people in need in both Bulgaria and Zambia.

Many thanks for your contribution last year! Thanks to it, FCTrelief could help many children and people in need in both Bulgaria and Zambia, despite the globally difficult economic situation.

White Christmas - Cold Winter

The coming winter will be cold, fire wood became expensive. We will help despite of that! Last year we could help many children, the elderly and people with disabilities in Bulgaria with fire wood, food, and medication. We want to repeat this type of help this year and help in a practical and relevant way where the need is greatest.

The global rise in living costs. Inflation and the war made life much more expensive in a short time. Fire wood, for example, became twice as expensive was last year. Food products, too, became considerably more expensive. We are now seeking ways to be able to help despite of all of this.

A Christmas celebration without food?

For us it is unthinkable – in Zambia it is a reality for many. Yet we are helping! Our school children are healthier and more balanced due to the regular meals they are receiving from us. Compared to last year, they need less medical treatment. We wish to continue to guarantee this. With this year’s Christmas campaign we specifically want to raise money for these regular meals.

In Zambia schools will close as early as 2 December. FCTrelief is yet again offering two weeks of workshops and lunches during this long holiday break. In this way, the kids are not forced to “hang around” the compounds, but can rather experience a good, versatile and interesting program. On the last day (16 Dec) we will give them a “special meal” with dessert for everyone – kids and staff – and a Christmas present. This year we will give them a small solar lamp because there are regular power cuts and kids will have light to read and for their security.

Our four teachers have not only taught our children in a competent manner, but also cared for them with love and understanding. The teachers, cooks, and caretaker will receive a Christmas bonus as a “thank you” for their good work in 2022. We look back on a gratifying and successful year.


The gratitude of the people in both countries is touching. The need remains great. Your donations make a real difference. This year let us also give generously to other people. Thank you!

With this we wish you wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! We look forward to 2023 in order to continue to serve and support people. Thank you for your participation!


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